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Empowering introverted cybersecurity professionals to become business leaders through executive coaching, design thinking  and communication strategies. Extroverts welcome.

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Take your cybersecurity career beyond what you thought possible 

Imagine yourself presenting to the Board of Directors. You feel confident, poised and able to communicate your message. They hear you and are impressed with your professionalism. 

Your ability to engage with business leaders is key to a successful personal brand. We will show you how to thrive and grow in your cybersecurity career.

Cyber professionals have a place in the boardroom. It's time to take your seat.

Where Would You Like To Start?

I'm an introvert but need visibility

As an introvert, you might wonder if you can be a leader, but we know that you can! Learn how to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard.


I need a personal brand to grow

Your personal brand is what people say when you aren't in the room. Ready to be a leader? Create a powerful personal brand that will get you there.


I want to advance my  cyber career 

Cyber professionals have never had more opportunity than they do now. To move ahead in your career, you must learn to communicate & network.


The Top 7 Steps to Take to Grow Your Cyber Career Checklist 

Kickstart your cyber career with this step-by-step checklist. Follow it to improve your communication skills and level up your career.



  • How to deliver work to business leaders

  •  Improve personal interactions and communications

  •  Management and developing diverse teams (DEI)

  •  Career advancement strategies

  •  Managing burnout and finding balance

  •  Personal brand and networking



All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Cybersecurity Career Today

It's no secret that cybersecurity is a vital part of every business in today's economic environment. But to thrive as a professional in the field, you need to be able to communicate with business leaders more than ever before. With our programs, you'll learn the skills you need to grow your career, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.


Meet CEO

Prachee Kale

After 17 years in the tech and cyber world where I saw introverted cyber professionals struggle to communicate their message to business leaders, I knew that there had to be a way to teach people the skills they needed to advance their careers.

Afterall, for the first time ever and after decades of being the “tech people in the back room,” cyber professionals have a seat at the board table. To make the most of this opportunity, cyber professionals must be able to communicate with executives.

That's where the Think, Design, Cyber Leadership Hub was born.

Now I use the skills I learned as I rose through the corporate ranks to help women, introverts and cyber professionals find a way to build their personal brand and build the career they dream of.


"Working with Prachee helped me understand my long-term goals and what I wanted out of my career. Spurred by Prachee’s encouragement, I interviewed for roles that aligned with my expectations and long-term goals. I ended up changing jobs and have been in my current role ever since.

- Nicole Saakov


"There are so many things I like about working with Prachee but the most important is her ability to intently listen, understand and provide practical advice and recommendations specific to me. Her understanding of my industry is an additional benefit. I don't have to explain. Prachee just gets it. "

- Savitri Ramsingh

"Prachee taught to stop overthinking, and am now trying to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. I am very happy with my progress and am excited to keep learning and growing. Although I would say that I am introverted, I feel very comfortable speaking to strangers. I really enjoy having conversations and I've been able to convert my fear of judgment to curiosity about the people around me."

- Shreya Vora


Design Thinking for Cybersecurity Course Launching Soon!

The team at Think. Design. Cyber. is launching our new course in late 2022. Stay tuned here to learn more about this exciting release.

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