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An Experienced Business Leader Sharing Stories of Design Thinking in Cyber

Prachee Kale is helping introverted techies become superstar leaders and bringing design thinking to cybersecurity. She is combining her 17-year expertise and 4D corporate career in cybersecurity, business strategy, DEI and, executive coaching through Think.Design.Cyber’s unique offerings. She is the CEO/Co-founder of Think.Design.Cyber and Executive Fellow at CyberTheory Institute.

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Sought-after speaker, executive coach, and cybersecurity executive Prachee Kale is available for your next podcast, speaking event, or course. Read her speaker sheet and reach out today!

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Prachee at ISMG's recent cybersecurity summit in New York. She spoke passionately and eloquently about why burnout is so rife among cybersecurity professionals and how stress can be reduced if organizations adopt a Zero Trust approach. She is a charismatic, knowledgeable and inspiring speaker who definitely leaves her audience wanting more! I cannot recommend Prachee highly enough as a first-rate public speaker.

Anna Delaney
Director, ISMG Productions

Hire Prachee to speak on these exciting cybersecurity topics 

Unleashing the power of introverts to advance cybersecurity

  •  Why are introverts important for cybersecurity
  • Become the voice of change and creative force without changing your personality
  • Dispel myths, stories and bias about introverts
  • Solve the challenges that introverts face in their jobs
  • Position yourself strongly in high stake situations, become visible to senior management
  • Overcome apprehensions against self-promotion, networking and relationship building
  • Apply practical tips and tools to your daily life to manage burnout and resistance

How to lead, brand and network as a woman in cybersecurity

  • Why gender diversity is critical to solve cybersecurity today and how you can make an impact
  • Pulverize stereotypes, biases and self-imposed roadblocks to effectively lead global teams and organizations
  • Sensitively bridge gender roles, cultural beliefs and narratives that impact our choices and behavior
  • Confidently lead teams comprising over 90% men of all ages and ethnicities
  • Systematically create a culture of safety and trust
  • Balance masculine and feminine energies in decision making, professional meetings or events
  • Scale the ladder from early career to the Board by gaining buy-in from stakeholders and sponsors

Building your brand within your company to supercharge your career

  • Understand personal branding and how to apply it to lead, influence and communicate with management, team and peers
  • Use your personality, skills, experiences and life story to differentiate and grow in the industry
  • Position yourself strongly in high stake situations so you can become visible to senior management
  • Overcome apprehensions against self-promotion, networking and relationship building
  • Build lifelong, diverse relationships that serve you and your network
  • Master the step by step system to increase and leverage your relationship capital in person and on social media
  • Strengthen lifelong skills - personal marketing, storytelling, stakeholder and relationship management, video, writing and presentation

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Offering engaging, highly interactive workshops and talks, Prachee Kale is a sought after speaker and cybersecurity leader who will engage your audience and leave them thinking about how to build a successful career in cyber in a new way.

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